Rock and Roll Weddings

There are many different ways to get married, but most weddings feature a reception. This is a time for the guests to celebrate the union of the happy couple. While some religious marriages have strict rules on the wedding reception, most use family tradition as a guide. As a general rule, food is served to the guests. Some people have ceremonies such as a cake cutting and a formal toast by the best man. There is almost always part of the reception where the band plays music. After the bride has a dance with her father and new husband, the floor is open for the guests to join in the dancing.

Wedding bands specialize in performing music that is popular at modern weddings. Because these are usually family celebrations, there are people of all ages present. Modern music that is popular is generally one of the types of music played. This is almost always for the bride and groom and their friends. If young children are present, there are a few songs for them. The Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey are always popular with the very young.

Beloved aunts and uncles commonly attend weddings. Their music is from the same generation as the parents of the bride and groom. A good wedding band knows this and includes a few numbers for these guests. Golden oldies are often enjoyed by the older generation. Songs such as A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum are popular with older people. It is a good slow dance song that has been enjoyed for decades. For those who love golden oldies and still have the energy, Every Breath You Take by the Police is a good number.

There are many songs from the beginning of rock and roll that have survived through at least four generations. These songs have a good dance beat and a special message for young and old. Wedding bands play as many golden oldies as they do modern or classical music. While waltzing is no longer popular at weddings, doing The Hustle is still enjoyed by wedding guests today. Many of Elvis Presley's songs are still popular at weddings. All Shook Up is good for a fast beat, and Are You Lonesome Tonight is a good slow song to sway together on the dance floor. This music is easy to dance to and loved by all.