The Knoxville Early Music Project (KEMP), founded in 1991, is an ensemble devoted to performing Renaissance and Baroque music. The group’s performances feature music from Italian monody and solo cantatas to English, Irish, and Scottish folk and art music.
KEMP has toured the Southeast performing Renaissance and Baroque music on authentic instruments. KEMP’s energetic and informed concerts have received enthusiastic reviews from critics and audiences alike, praising the group for its ability to educate and entertain.

Program Information

KEMP has delighted audiences since the group’s founding in 1991. The ensemble performs music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras on period instruments. KEMP has performed at concert venues and colleges and universities throughout the Southeast, delighting audiences with lively, informed interpretations of a wide range of Renaissance and Baroque music, including dance tunes, dramatic and art songs, and virtuosic instrumental pieces. KEMP offers:

  • A full-length recital
  • A program of sacred music
  • A program of wedding music
  • Programs for special events (such as receptions)
  • Lecture/demonstrations for music classes
  • Master class instruction

KEMP’s performances are for people of all ages and ranges of familiarity with the music. Although the music often includes rarely heard gems from the past, the presentation is always accessible, energetic, and enticing.

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